Cloud Solutions

To address soaring information technology costs and shrinking budgets, more and more organizations are making a major commitment to cloud computing. Such moves reflect not only cost and labor efficiencies, but also environmental consciousness and innovation.

Through cloud computing solutions, we help organizations focus on delivering value rather than managing infrastructure. Our deep understanding of complex database environments also uniquely positions us to help organizations develop a strategy for making the transition to the cloud. We take what’s complex and help simplify so your organization can focus on solving real business problems.

We practice what we preach. We run our entire business on Cloud Computing technology. We use Google Apps for messaging, calendaring, document authoring and file storage. We don’t own or run a single server.

Save your company the time, money and hassles of managing IT solutions by letting us help you seamlessly deploy Google Apps.

We provide the following services to support your deployment of Google Apps.

Pilot Program: Still on the fence about Google Apps? We can establish a mock deployment to allow organizations to duplicate their production environment on a smaller scale. In doing so, you’ll have the chance to explore Google Apps without modifying existing infrastructure or disrupting normal business processes.

Mail Migration: We assist organizations in developing a plan and strategy for migrating mail, calendar and contacts and then help execute the plan.

Training: We provide customized training materials and instruction based on a client’s specific utilization of Google Apps.

Integration: We also offer development resources to help cloud solutions.

We are ready to help you with setup and assist you in configuring Google Apps through the following support options:

•Verify Domain in Google Apps
•Configure Gmail settings & MX Records
•Customize the appearance for your business using your branding
•Create User Accounts
•Create Groups and Email Lists
•Enable SSL domain-wide
•Enable APIs for various functions
•Setup custom URLs for your Google Apps services
•Configure Calendar settings, create resources, and sharing options
•Configure Google Sites/ Docs settings and sharing options